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Vacuum Sealer Machine, 70KPa Automatic Food Sealer With 2 Modes, Air Sealing System for Food Storage, External Suction Pipe for Jar Food Storage, Touch Screen, Led Indicator Lights(Silver)

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  • 『Fast Seal & Strong Suction』Powered by a 65W pump motor, the Vacuum Sealer can achieve 70KPa Vacuum Pressure and 12 L/min Suction Speed, vacuum a bag within 10-12 seconds, and a 12’’ long heating strip reduces the sealing time to 6-9 seconds and keep the bag airtight for the best storage, no leakage when refrigerated, compressed or sous vide cooked.
  • 『Multiple Modes』The 4 adjustable modes of this Food Sealer suit all types of food, set ‘Normal’ mode for regular food, ‘Gentle’ mode for delicate food, ‘Dry’ mode for solid food, and another mode for wet food. Perfect for seafood, beef, fish, chicken, vegetable, snacks, sandwiches, cereal, rice, pasta, spices, leftover, etc.
  • 『Automatic Operation & External Vacuum』This Bag Sealer vacuums and seals automatically with one touch of the ‘Vac Seal’ button and noise lower than 60dB. Use the ‘Canister’ function and connect both ends of the provided pipe to the hole of this Food Sealer and to a can, jar, bag, container, or bottle to vacuum for storage, such as wine and clothes.
  • 『Safe & Secure』The temperature control system stops this Sous Vide Vacuum Sealer from working when the heating strip reaches the limited temperature to avoid the motor being overheated. This Portable Sealer will drain the excess liquid to protect the motor from damage if the bag contains too much liquid.
  • 『Easy to Clean & Long Storage』The separable lid is designed for easier cleaning, detach the machine and wipe them with a paper towel or rag to clean. This Vacuum Sealer offers an absolute airtight level that can keep food fresh 7X longer than normal storage without spoiling. (Tip: Don’t rinse the machine)
  • 『Warning』To avoid burns, please do not touch the heating strip after use
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