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Are you still worried about your body shape? 

Are you still strictly following a healthy eating plan? 

Are you still busy at work and having a hard time eating a hot meal?

Are you still running around the streets with a cup of coffee?

It's time to hear the story of AICOOKHOME

The Story about the Website Builder


| Eco-friendly recipe brings happy time

There is a little girl named Emily. Her mother always uses eco-friendly ingredients to cook the most healthy & delicious dishes every day. Emily is happy to try it and she feels she is loved deeply by this warm family.


| Love me, love you

Although Emily is busy with work, she always makes some simple & delicious meals to reward herself. After the age of 25, Mr.right's strong love made her have more expectations for life, and she began to learn more about the meals her mother used to cook. The love is mutual, and this couple wants to do something for their new life.


| Pass love on to the next generation 

Emily's role is transformed when the child is born. At that time, Emily was always thinking about how to make her busy modern life return to simplicity, as well as how to make her children and more people enjoy better food.

The Website of AICOOKHOME


Emily set up the website in 2015, named AICOOKHOME, because she wanted to share her thoughts and her mother's tasty recipes with everyone, and tell everyone

Life should be so simpleCooking must have the attitude


On AICOOKHOME, Emily and her family continue to develop and promote practical, eco-friendly and affordable kitchen appliances. Everyone can create and decorate their own kitchen. 

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In addition, AICOOKHOME often unlocks affordable food recipes. For everyone who pursues a healthy and high-quality life, this is a reward for their busy life and a concrete manifestation of enjoying life.

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Satisfy all your needs

Also, Emily always mentions that ACOOKHOME is a website full of love and happiness. Whether you are a college student, a white-collar worker, a dieter, or a fitness person, you can find practical and simple small appliances on the website of AICOOKHOME, and try various healthy recipes.


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