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Brewsly Filter Coffee Machine, 1.5 Litre Drip Coffee Maker with 2 Brew Strength Control, Touch Screen, Programmable 24hr Timer, Bloom Extraction & High-Density Reusable Filter, Keep Warm & Anti-Drip Function

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BrewslySKU: V226-UKAFFN1025992


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Material Stainless steel
Brand Brewsly
Color Silver
Capacity 12 Cups
Human Interface Input Touchscreen

☕High-Temperature Spray
Evenly extract and release the flavor of coffee, perfectly balances the acidity and bitterness of coffee, and retain the original flavor of coffee beans.

☕Touch Screen Control
Without buttons, the display area is larger, the display is clearer, and the panel cleaning is more convenient.

☕Brew Strength Control
Allows you to select regular or bold coffee flavors. Permanent coffee filter that ensures only the freshest coffee flavor flows through.

☕Fully automatic
24-Hour Programmable, wake up with fresh-brewed coffee. 40 Minutes Keep Warm, keep the coffee at 75°C. 40 Minutes Auto Shutoff, safer and power-saving.

☕Brew Pause feature
Stop brewing for 30 seconds after the carafe has been removed. Let you enjoy a cup of coffee before the brewing cycle has finished.

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