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Juicer Machine, AICOOK Slow Masticating Extractor without Metal Filters, Easy to Clean, 3 Mode Adjustment Extrusion&Juice Pulp Controllable, Anti-Drip, Ice Cream&Recipes for Vegetables and Fruits

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  • 🍈【3 * 3 multiple juice extraction modes, high juice rate, sorbet mode, BPA free】Adjustable compression file (different types of fruits and vegetables correspond to different stalls) and -3 food modes "fruit" and "vegetable" , "Saubert" and 3 pulp modes "less", "normal" and "more"; the rich combination makes it possible to process most foods, especially hard foods such as apples and carrots. ("Fruit" and "Less" modes can increase juice production.)
  • 🍊【No filter design, easy to clean, reverse function】No filter design means a novel cleaning method, no more pulp stuck in the mesh of the filter.
  • 🍏【Strong stability and quiet operation】The motor with less than 60db, its quiet new motor and stable structure make the cold press juicer have the lowest running sound and run more smoothly.
  • 🍅【Anti-drip, nutrition increase by 95%】Anti-drip design; advanced filter-free design greatly reduces heat accumulation and oxidation, compared with other traditional models, retains more enzymes, vitamins, minerals, thereby Greatly improved the immune system.
  • 🍋【3 years guarantee】Our product has decades of experience in the juicer field, and is committed to improving people's health through delicious juices. If you have any questions, we will be here to help you at any time.
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