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Mini Fridge 15L for Bedroom with Quiet ECO Mode, 21 Cans Small Car Fridge Portable Cooler and Warmer AC/DC Powered for Skin Care, Cosmetics, Food, Bedroom, Office, Car, Travel

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  • 15L Drink Fridge:15L large capacity, suitable for bedroom, office or car, you can enjoy the cool drink anytime, anywhere. With the compartment removed, you can hold up to 21 cans of beverages.
  • Skincare Fridge with ECO Mode:The mini fridge can be used to store skin care products to avoid deterioration or medical facial masks. When placed in the bedroom, the ECO mode can be used to reduce noise.
  • Cooler & Warme: The mini refrigerator has heating and cooling modes, which can be 10-15°C higher or lower than the ambient temperature. In addition to refrigerating drinks, it can also keep your lunch warm.
  • AC/DC Power: The small fridge is equipped with 2 power plugs, which can be used at home or in a car. The door frame has a lock to prevent food from leaking.
  • Easy to use: There is an operation panel on the back of the refrigerator. When COOL and MAX/MIN are selected, the indicator light turns green and the machine starts to cool. If you have any questions, please contact us through the order.
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