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Popcorn Machine, Retro Theatrical Butter Popcorn Machine, Christmas and Movie Night Gift

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  • 【99% Blasting Rate】100g of corn kernels can blast 3.5 quarts of popcorn! The newly upgraded thickened popcorn board and thickened heat pipe, and the intelligent stirring rod automatically stir, make the corn kernels evenly heated, and the expansion rate is up to 99%.
  • 【2-in-1 Transparent Bowl】You can put butter in the ventilation hole of the transparent bowl to make a container for melting butter; After the popcorn is exploded, turn the bowl 180 degrees according to the method in the figure to become a container of popcorn, a transparent food-grade bowl, which is 
  • 【Multifunction】 The popcorn machine can not only be used to explode popcorn, but also become a barbecue machine by removing the detachable rotating rod. You can make healthy and fresh chocolate popcorn, caramel popcorn and other flavors you like, and you can also make electric grills for barbecue, chicken wings, New Zealand and potatoes
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