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Popcorn Machine, 24-Cup Fast Heat-up, Dishwasher Safe

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  • 【24 Cups Popcorn】popcorn machine pops up to 6 quarts of popcorn at a time, enough to entertain the whole family. No need to preheat and wait, only 3 minutes, you can taste cinema-like popcorn. A ventilated transparent lid with a butter lid can also be used as a popcorn bowl.
  • 【Electric Stirring】The electric stirring method can heat the popcorn uniformly, reaching a 100% popping rate, making each batch of popped popcorn fuller. Auto-reverse function will prevent the kernel from getting stuck.
  • 【Convenience】The handle is heat resistant, and the movable non-stick electric heating plate can be flipped quickly without turning the entire machine over. Easy to clean, some can be safely placed in the dishwasher, the other parts only need to be wiped with a cloth.
  • 【Multi-flavored Popcorn】You can add butter, sugar, salt, and other ingredients to the non-stick plate, or you can add butter on the top of the transparent lid. The butter will be ventilated during the operation and distributed evenly on the popcorn. Delicious and rich popcorn is a breeze.
  • 【Special Design】The vent design can avoid the accumulation of steam or condensate in the transparent cover, keeping the popcorn crisp. Please remove the small black cap when making popcorn!
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