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1000W Juicer Machine, 75MM Wide Mouth, Dual Speed Mode, Stainless Steel, Easy Clean, Silver, Mode332

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AICOK 1000W Juicer Extractor is more powerful than most centrifugal juicers on the market. Its significant advantage is its speed. In fact, the research shows that running at high speed will increase enzyme activity, and for a centrifugal juicer, high power and speed will keep higher nutritional value.

AICOK juicer is a truly comprehensive solution for making fruit and vegetable juices, minimizing damage to the vitamins and minerals of the food during processing.

The juicer with two speeds for soft/hard extraction of a wide range of fibrous soft or hard fruits and vegetables. The reversing function prevents clogging.

With the push of a button, you can take the slow juicer apart in a matter of seconds. You can easily clean the juicer with the included cleaning brush and all removable parts can also be washed in the dishwasher.

Fruit and vegetable juicer is a fast way to get nutrients into your body. It is ideal if you have a busy lifestyle and your main priority is to get the job done quickly.

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