For a delicious latte, what are the golden ratio of milk, milk foam, and coffee?


aicook how to make latte

A good latte depends not only on the quality of coffee beans, and powder particle size, but also on the ratio of milk to milk foam.

Taking the 250c.c. coffee cup as the standard, after adding about 45-50c.c. of espresso, the optimal ratio of milk to milk foam is about 3:1, that is, adding about 150c.c. of milk and 50c.c. The milk foam is smoother to drink.

how to make latte aicook

The strength of coffee depends on personal taste and also on the origin of the coffee beans. If you are used to the strong taste, you can choose Mandheling or Sumatra; if you like a little sour taste, you can choose Brazil. The ratio of milk can also be based on coffee beans. Fine-tune the shade and personal preference.

 Step 1 

Grind the coffee beans

Put the coffee beans into the grinder and grind them into coffee powder. If you make a cup of 250c.c. latte, you need to prepare 16-18 grams of coffee beans.

aicook how to make latte

The particle size of coffee powder will affect the taste. Taking an espresso machine as an example, the particles need to be finer; if a filter paper or a siphon coffee machine is used, the particle size of the intermediate grade is sufficient; if it is a filter press, the particles need to be coarser. In addition, if you don't have a grinder at home, you can go to a chain coffee shop or a coffee specialty store for assistance, and you can also get a more accurate particle size, but most of them only grind raw beans instead.

 Step 2 

Steam the milk

Pour in about 200c.c. of fresh milk, and steam it to 60-70 degrees Celsius with a milk steamer, at the same time touch the milk steaming stick to the surface of the milk at an angle of 45-90 degrees, steam the dense milk foam, and leave it for one to two minutes, Let the milk froth separate from the milk.

how to make latte aicook

The milk foam should be dense, and there should not be too much space between the steaming stick and the surface of the milk, so that it is not easy to generate air bubbles. If you don’t have a professional milk steamer at home, you can buy an electric milk frother at an affordable price, or use a filter press to froth the milk manually. After putting the milk in, press it up and down about 40 times.

 Step 3 

Make an espresso or Americano

This demonstration uses an espresso machine. The coffee powder needs to be flattened by a tamper and put into the coffee burner to make espresso.

aicook how to make latte

If you don't have an espresso machine, you can also grind it into powder and use a Moka pot or filter press to make American coffee. Every 10 grams of coffee powder is matched with 180c.c. of water.

 Step 4 

Combine with milk and spread with milk foam

Pour 45~50c.c. of espresso into the cup, then pour in 150c.c. of hot milk, and spread two tablespoons of about 50c.c. of milk foam. The ratio of milk to milk foam is 3:1. Finish.

aicook how to make latte

Espresso needs to be combined with milk as soon as possible. If it is left in the air for too long, it is easy to become sour and difficult to eat. If you want to make the latte look more beautiful, you can also add a latte. When drawing flowers, you need to use thin-pointed milk steel. Shake the milk and milk foam evenly and mix them fully. Pull your hands up first, and then slowly press down to pull out the pattern.

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