Start your day full of energy with the crunchy golden waffles!


Start your day full of energy with the crunchy golden waffles!


3 eggs
200g low-gluten flour
150 grams of milk
50g powdered sugar
Baking powder 3 grams
40 grams butter

aicook waffle recipe2

step 1
Egg sugar milk, beat with a whisk
Step 2
Add the sifted low-gluten flour and baking powder, mix well
Step 3
Add the melted butter, mix well into a smooth batter and let it sit for a while
Step 4
After oiling the waffle pan, preheat the waffle maker for a minute or two
Step 5
Then pour in the batter, evenly covering the entire surface of the mold
Step 6
Heat on medium and low heat, bake for a minute or two on each side, turn over, turn over frequently, and move left and right to prevent uneven heating

Eat it hot, or pair it with jam, chocolate sauce, fresh cream, etc., the layered taste is the most amazing.

aicook waffle recipe3

1. When you do it for the first time, you may not have a good grasp of the heat, but after a few tries, the color will be beautiful.
2. Before pouring the batter, the mold needs to be fully heated, and then brushed with oil, so that the effect of non-sticking is better.
3. There will be a squeaking sound when baking, and water vapor will also emerge. When there is no water vapor, it will be almost cooked. If you like a softer taste, you can reduce the heating time.

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