8 Easy juice recipes to get you started juicing

 Option 1 

🍎Spinach + Apple + Water + Honey
About 15 slices of spinach (washed and roots removed), 1 apple, 1 tsp honey, 150ml water.

Drinking a glass a day when losing weight couldn't be better! It is good for laxatives. You can add honey according to your own taste. If you like sweetness, add a little more. It is suitable for breakfast. Looking at this color, it is full of health!aicook juicer recipes

 Option 2 

🍊Orange  + Yakult
2 diced orange, 1 half bottle of Yakult

Those who want to supplement vitamin C for whitening and slimming, please drink it! This amount can squeeze a whole large cup, enough to drink all day.

 Option 3 

🥕Carrot + Apple + Milk + Honey
Half a carrot, 1 apple, 150ml milk, 1 tsp honey

It is necessary for weight loss, suitable for breakfast, you can add honey according to your own taste, remember to peel the apple.

aicook juice recipes

 Option 4 

🍎Passion Fruit + Apple + Milk + Honey
1 passion fruit, 1 apple, 150ml milk, 1 spoon honey

Afraid that passion fruit is too sour, you can add a little more honey. Passion fruit is very nutritious. After squeezing passion fruit, the seeds are very small but very hard. People with bad teeth should drink it carefully.


 Option 5 

🍓Strawberry + Milk
Right amount of strawberries, 150ml milk

Squeeze out the pink and tender, sweet and sour taste like love, the taste is needless to say!

aicook juicer recipes

 Option 6 

🍎Dragon Fruit + Apple + Milk
1 dragon fruit, 1 apple, 150ml milk

In fact, this cup is already very sweet, and there is no need to add honey. The dragon fruit can also be used with red hearts, and the apples can also be replaced with pears.

aicook juice recipes

 Option 7 

🍌Avocado + Banana + Milk
1 avocado, 2 bananas, 240 ml milk

When buying avocados, you need to pay special attention. Pick the black ones to buy them. If you don’t have them, choose dark green ones and keep them at home. It will be more fragrant when you eat them (or squeeze the juice) when they become black and ripe.

 Option 8 

🍅Tomato + Carrot + Water
15 small tomatoes, 1 carrot, 150ml water

Remember to peel the tomatoes. Although this cup is not delicious, it is full of nutrition. Drink it for your health!

aicook juicer recipes
1. Apples belong to the all-purpose category and can be mixed with most fruits and vegetables.
2. The sugar content of watermelon and grapes is high. If you want to squeeze juice, please take the amount carefully.

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