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Kealive Mixer Kneader, Pastry Mixer 8 Speed Double Dough Hook with 5.5L Stainless Steel Bowl, 1200W Kneader, Whisk, Rods and Splash Guard

KealiveSKU: ITAFFN1015032


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[New 2021 Double Hook Planetary Mixer]

Bionic Double Hook, Innovative Patent. Simulating kneading with both hands takes less time and is less efficient. The 5.5L large capacity stainless steel bowl meets the needs of home baking and makes cakes, bread, cookies, cakes, muffins, and waffles a reality.

[8-speed selection]

This food processor has 8-speed options. The powerful planetary stirring effect can mix bread, dough, meringue, and fresh cream, and mix salad at a lower speed.

[1200W Kneader]

The powerful 1200W motor, metal gears, and stable cast aluminum housing provide a more stable, durable experience and ensure long-term use. The non-slip foot design at the bottom makes the mixer smoother and greatly improves the safety of use.

[Tilting head and LED light]

The tilting head design of the electric mixer makes it easy to install or remove the bowl and accessories. Provide you with the convenience of disassembling and installing the mixing bowl. The body design is simple and the LED light is used as a decorative button for the power indicator to enhance aesthetics.
Warranty and Certification: 24/7 After-Sales Service and we offer a 2-year warranty for replacement or refund. 100% safe. Buy mixer, we provide professional cookbook.

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