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Who Doesn't Like Cotton Candy?

As a national delicacy, marshmallows have always been loved by everyone. The taste is delicate and silky. One bite can feel extra refreshing. A sense of happiness is permeated their face. It is the unique charm of marshmallows. Cotton candy has lasted for thousands of years. It is a delicacy that has been passed down from generation to generation. It is deeply imprinted in everyone's heart. Cotton candy is not only a delicacy but also a kind of memory. It will inadvertently evoke the childhood of many people's memories.

Now, with the development of science and technology, we have many small kitchen appliances. For example juicer, air fryer, ice maker, etc. But these appliances are not the point. The point is that we now have a new friend called a cotton candy machine.

Put two small spoons of white granulated sugar into the whirling machine, and immediately came out a large mass of white, soft, fluffy, and delicious marshmallows. The tricks of street vendors are believed to have fascinated many people in their childhood.

Unfortunately, in my memory, it seems that I have never eaten this interesting magical food when I was a child. However, it is worth admiring that our brand made a cotton candy machine, and we will be able to eat free cotton candy in the future!

The following address is the video of AICOOK's homemade cotton candy machine:

AICOOK Cotton Candy Machine, Nostalgia Candy Floss Maker, Includes Sugar Scoop and 10 Cones, RedIsn’t it amazing? Let's first briefly understand the principle of the marshmallow machine: white granulated sugar is heated and melts into syrup after reaching the melting point. At this time, the motor is started, and the motor drives the container to rotate at a high speed. Because the syrup is a liquid, it is "thrown out" from the small holes around the container under the action of centrifugal force, and pulled into very fine sugar threads. The sugar thread quickly cools down in contact with the air, entangled together, and becomes a fluffy cotton candy like cotton.


Usage of cotton candy machine:

- Let the machine heat up for 4 mins

- Put the sugar in the machine

- Make your cotton candy

AICOOK Cotton Candy Machine, Nostalgia Candy Floss Maker, Includes Sugar Scoop and 10 Cones, Red

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AICOOK Cotton Candy Machine, Nostalgia Candy Floss Maker, Includes Sugar Scoop and 10 Cones, Red, GCM530, 530

Product Description

Cotton Candy Machine Making a Colorful Life
With sugar as the main raw material, this cotton candy machine can produce colorful cotton candy with a variety of tastes. Products are no longer simply white, but red, yellow, blue, green, purple, and other colors, environmental health and delicious. Produces up to 7 servings of cotton candy per minute, great for birthday parties, graduation parties, festivals, carnivals and fairs.

Featrures of the Cotton Candy Machine
Red vintage design, welcome among children and adults
Engage your children in making floss candy
Food grade materal for your health
Suction cup feet for added stability
Perfect gifts for all your children and friends

1*Cotton candy machine
1*Suger-heating plate
1*Rim guard
10* Stick

Creating nice fluffs of cotton candy needs more practice. Most customers can grasp how to use this machine after a few tries. You can refer to videos making floss candy on Youtube

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