What is a Body Fat Scale?

What is a Body Fat Scale?

Body fat scales are able to measure not only the total body weight but also the percentage of fat . The appearance of the body fat scale is the same as that of conventional bathroom scales. There is a difference between the models, however. Sensors are attached to the scales that can calculate the percentage of body fat and water. There are two variants. A foot to foot body fat scale and a hand to hand Body fat scale. Because a body fat scale that only has the sensors on the footprint only measures the area up to the hips.

How does a body fat scale work?

The sensors, which are located on the base of the scales, pass electrical surges through the body that are not perceived by the body. With the foot to foot scales, the current travels up to your waist and back again. Average values ​​are used to calculate the total fat content in the body, but they are less accurate. That is why there are also body fat scales that have foot and hand sensors. In this way, the values ​​can be calculated and measured more precisely. You can recognize a foot to foot body fat scale by the fact that the scale often has four sensors on the edges of the base. Depending on the model, this can also be a continuous metal surface so that you can only see two sensors. At one foot to hand, there is a handpiece in the balance, which you can remove when using it. As a rule, the current is measured from foot to foot and separately from hand to hand . Based on these different values, the body fat value can be calculated almost exactly. There are models that carry out further measurements that are carried out from the right hand to the left foot and right foot to the left hand, i.e. crosswise. With these models, the result is even more accurate.


However , the measurement also depends on other factors. So it's better to take a measurement before you shower . Because when you shower, your skin soaks up water and can reveal incorrect values. It is the same when the bladder is full. A good time to take the measurement relatively accurately is in the morning after using the toilet and before showering. You should also always carry out the measurement under the same conditions. If you start the measurement in the afternoon , another measurement should be taken at the same time . In this way, the values ​​can be better compared and differences can be recognized, even if there is an actual deviationcan give. If you want a reliable measurement of body fat, only a doctor can do this with the so-called caliper method.

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The measuring principle:

The resistances are made with a so-called four-wire measurement. Two electrodes conduct an imperceptible alternating current to the other two electrodes.

From there you can easily and easily read off the fat percentage, muscle mass and water and compare them with the other values. The alternating current is conducted from one foot to the other, so it only measures the fat dance part that is below the hip. With the hand parts, insofar as the balance is equipped with them, more precise values ​​can be achieved.


Advantages and areas of application of a body fat scale

There are many reasons why measuring body fat percentage makes sense. A body fat scale is indispensable for fat loss and building muscle mass. A conventional scale only measures the total body weight and does not differentiate between muscle mass and fat.

If you want to control fat loss and muscle building , a simple scale cannot help you. On the contrary, a simple scale could reduce motivation for fat loss. If you want to lose weight, you want to be presented with results based on the decreasing weight.

If the scales now show the same weight on the display for weeks without any change being recognized, the motivation can dwindle and lead to a standstill in motivation.

If you use a body fat scale , you can clearly see an improvement based on the values, as the value for the fat content decreases and the value for the muscle mass increases. Muscle is usually heavier than fat, which can even lead to weight gain. So that you are more motivated to reach the desired target weight, it is more advantageous to use a body fat scale.

Another point why body fat scales make sense when dieting is made up as follows. Most diets tend to lose weight in the first few days.

Unfortunately , it is mostly water that the body loses. The goal of losing weight should be to lose fat, not water. You can use the body fat scale to see exactly what you lost on the diet - fat or water.

By constantly checking the values, you are better able to adapt your training habits.

If you want to build more muscle mass, train more.

If you are satisfied with the increase , you can continue with the training plan you are used to. A body fat scale is therefore also used for self-control.

Body fat scales are disadvantageous in that they only display imprecise actual values. You should therefore ensure that you always measure under the same conditions. Getting up early in the morning is a good time to use the body fat scale and create almost the same conditions every day. Because even if the values do not correspond to the exact actual values, you can recognize differences by changing the values.


Questions and answers about the body fat scale

What are the functions of a body fat scale?
Everybody fat scale not only measures your body weight, but also the percentage of fat in your body. Depending on the model and equipment, you can benefit from other equipment features. The test winner in the area of body fat scales, for example, also measures what is known as visceral fat. This is fat stored in the abdominal cavity, which is particularly harmful to the body. Some models can also determine the water content in the body.

What does the body fat scale measure?
The body fat scale not only measures the weight of the user, but also the percentage of body fat. High-quality models also measure the proportion of water in the body and thus independently determine the body mass index .

How Accurate is a Body Fat Scale?
The body fat scale looks quite similar to an ordinary scale. However, it also measures your body fat and possibly also the water percentage in your body.

What good is a body fat scale?
If you want to own a high quality body fat scale, you should dig a little deeper into your pocket. Good models, the accuracy of which has been confirmed in independent tests, start at a purchase price of around 100 euros.

How does a body fat scale work?
Each body fat scale is equipped with sensors that are located on the base. If you touch them with your feet, tiny electrical surges will be conducted through your body , which of course you will not feel.

When should i weigh myself?
Some circumstances, such as a full urinary bladder, can falsify the measurement results on a body fat scale. For this reason, it is important that you weigh yourself at the same time each day. It is advisable to weigh yourself in the morning after using the toilet. Your skin should be dry; So do not weigh yourself immediately after showering.

How much body fat is normal?
Body fat is an essential store of energy. If there is too much body fat, this can even be dangerous. How much body fat is normal depends on age: the older a person is, the higher body fat values are allowed. Men have a significantly lower percentage of body fat than women. For young men, values ​​of up to 19 percent of body weight are considered normal. In men over 60 years of age, the body fat percentage can increase to up to 24 percent. For women over 60, a body fat percentage of up to 35 percent is considered normal.

How Accurate is a Body Fat Scale?
To answer this question, you should know that there are two different types of body fat scales . With the foot to foot scale, you stand with both feet on the scale and the sensors only measure your values ​​up to your hips. Now average values ​​are determined, which are converted to the entire body . These readings are somewhat inaccurate. The so-called foot-to-hand scales, which have an additional handpiece, are more precise. With these scales, you can assume much more accurate readings . If you really want very precise values ​​of your body fat percentage, let your doctor carry out the so-called caliper method.


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