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The Difference Between Slow Juicer, Juicer and Blender

What are the working principles of the juicer, slow juicer and blender?

How to choose and use?


Juicer/Slow Juicer

The original juicer and the slow juicer are actually the same things, but they are called differently!

The juice machine uses low-speed screw extrusion technology. Think of it as a towel squeezing machine. The juice of the fruit is slowly squeezed out like a towel. Generally, the juice machine rotates at about 75 revolutions per minute, with low speed slowly turning to low speed. The juice will not produce high heat, which avoids the problem of heat oxidation of the juice. And will not destroy the nutrition of the fruit. The result is pure fresh juice.

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The juicer uses a high-speed rotating blade to break the food, and then separates the pulp residue from the juice by centrifugal force. It is a simple and crude type of small household appliance, usually rotating at 7000-15000 rpm. The fruits are all crushed at high speed, and then the juice is filtered out.

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The mixer is actually an ultra-high speed mixer, which can grind food more finely without a filter, because the particle size of the ground food will not be obvious.

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(AICOOK 819B Blender)


  • If you just want to drink pure fresh juice, you can buy a slow juice machine.
  • If you are not very concerned about the purity of the juice, you can consider a centrifugal juicer.
  • If you want to drink a smoothie, but also want soy milk, ground meat, supplementary food, etc., then you can consider a blender. Relatively more functions and stronger.
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