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Kealive Cordless Vacuum Cleaner Review

Have you already done spring cleaning? Whether you are a little late or have already got the job done, it remains one of the most feared events of the year. However, this applies a little to cleaning in general, a task that sometimes turns out to be really tiring.

However, cleaning can become less worrying with the right accessories. Because it is one thing to carry around the house a big and thoughtful vacuum cleaner from the past, another is to exploit modern technologies and all their advantages.

The Kealive vacuum cleaner is a model that contains all the modern discoveries for this sector. A device with an attractive design, without wire or bag, light and very powerful.


Technical features

  • Two suction modes
  • Normal 9Kpa and Strong 22Kpa
  • Removable and rechargeable 2200mAh battery
  • Autonomy: 40 minutes (15 m if always used at maximum power)
  • Double filtering system in 5 layers
  • 2 layers of stainless steel mesh and 3 filters HEPA
  • Easily removable filters to wash them whenever needed
  • Includes 4 accessories: main brush, hose, small brush and crevice tool
  • Weight of the motor block with battery: 1185 grams
  • Includes a small bracket to hang the vacuum cleaner on a wall

vacuum cleanerKealive | Cordless Vacuum Cleaner

Appearance, functions and first impressions

The device immediately gives excellent sensations thanks to its very small size and weight . The block with the motor, the filters and the battery weighs just under 1.2 kg, so even adding the accessories it remains a light and handy vacuum cleaner.

The battery is easily removed, which is required to open the bottom door. This door is used to empty the dirt tank for quick daily cleaning. When, on the other hand, you want to give a deeper cleaning the tank must be opened from above, where it is possible to extract the double filter system with the steel mesh and the HEPA filter. Once extracted, they can be washed to bring them back to maximum efficiency. When they are dry they can be reassembled in the vacuum cleaner, a very simple operation that does not require special skills or tools.

vacuum cleanerKealive | Cordless Vacuum Cleaner

Based on the type of cleaning we have to do, we can choose whether to use it with or without a hose and attach one of the 3 final parts . So in all we have 6 configurations.

The main brush is the most technological one and a rotating brush adds to the suction power of the motor which improves its effectiveness. To see the dirt well in all areas and conditions there is also a strip of LED lights in the front of the brush that illuminates the floor in front of the vacuum cleaner.
The main brush has a double adjustment of the joint that can remain locked to let it move on one axis only, or free. When the joint is free, the brush can also tilt sideways up to 180 ° .

This brush is undoubtedly the most useful for cleaning floors, but its large dimensions do not allow it to thoroughly clean corners and narrow spaces. For fine cleaning there is the precision brush, a rigid and compact brush fixed on a short crevice nozzle. Alternatively, there is also a longer crevice nozzle for slipping into narrower and deeper spaces.

The two smaller nozzles are also useful for using the handheld vacuum cleaner version. A use that demonstrates how compact and practical the Kealive vacuum cleaner is .

The stick combined with the small vents, on the other hand, is useful for reaching higher areas, for example if you need to eliminate cobwebs near the ceiling.

vacuum cleanerKealive | Cordless Vacuum Cleaner

The Kealive vacuum cleaner test

In the practical test the Kealive vacuum cleaner proved to be very effective but the greatest advantage is undoubtedly the lightness. Especially those who have a large house and / or always clean up can appreciate the comfort of cleaning the house with such a light and compact device.

The suction power is satisfactory and the presence of the "turbo" mode is of great help when there is a very dirty area. For example when we spill something in the kitchen. The disadvantage is that in this mode the autonomy drops a lot, but it is not strictly necessary, so the approximately 40 minutes of autonomy should never go down too much.

I don't find the strip of LED lights on the main brush a strictly necessary thing, but in some situations it could also be useful. Then in general it is always better to have one more function than to have some lack.

Everything about changing accessories, emptying the tank or cleaning the filters is also very simple and intuitive . Each component attaches and detaches with quick release and coupling systems and no tools such as screwdrivers or other are required.

To recharge the battery just connect the adapter included in the package. In the package there is also a small bracket to be fixed to the wall with 2 screws and allows you to hang the vacuum cleaner when not in use.

vacuum cleanerKealive | Cordless Vacuum Cleaner


If you are looking for a modern, practical and manageable vacuum cleaner, the Kealive device is undoubtedly a proposal to be taken into great consideration.

The quality of the components and materials is good and also the technical characteristics do not disappoint. Versatility is also a great strength, with all the accessories that allow you to adapt the Kealive vacuum cleaner to every need, from domestic cleaning to cleaning sofas or even the car.


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Hi, how do I open the hoover to empty it fully?


You have to pick the dust from above the rubber riing

Jackie White

Do you still have the Kealive Cordless Vacuum Cleaner ?


Do you still have the Kealive Cordless Vacuum Cleaner ?


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