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DEIK Knife Block —— A Complete Set of Knives Including 6 Steak Knives

For a chef, knives are the fundamental element of their work, which is why they choose them with care and jealously guard them.

For us amateur chefs, the importance must not change. Maybe we can avoid exaggerated expenses for a super professional knife set , but it is essential to have a complete set of good quality knives.

In the kitchen without knives you can do very little and food preparation often goes through the cutting board. Then, based on what we need to do, there is the right knife for everything.

To have a supply of quality knives without spending big bucks, the ideal is to take complete sets. In general, you can save money and have every knife you can serve in the kitchen.

An example is the DEIK Knife Block , a set that offers everything a chef could need and also adds 6 steak knives.

The right tool for every need

Especially when we are beginners we never give great importance to the knife. When we try our first recipes we always tend to take the first knife that comes out of the drawer and we use it to do everything with it.

Over time, however, we understand that if there are such different knives, it is because each one has a specific use. The DEIK knife block offers us 15 kitchen utensils to have a basic set with almost everything we could need.

Obviously they are not all 15 of the knives for food preparation, in that case it would be an exaggeration in the opposite sense.


Deik Knife Block, Knife Set
DEIK s277 16pcs knife set
There are 10 cooking utensils and I am talking about utensils because they are not all knives. In the block we find a chicken cutter, a knife sharpener and a fork. Three tools that can always come in handy when we have to cut chicken on a spit; sharpen the blades before using the knives; keep food still while we slice it. Especially the ones that are still very hot which would be difficult to block the hand.
Deik Knife Block, Knife Set
DEIK s277 16pcs knife set


The other 6 pieces of the DEIK set are knives and we have:

20 cm kitchen knife . It is the basic knife that every chef uses. You can do everything with it, even if there are more specific knives to do other processes. For example, all those where a 20 cm blade is excessive.

20 cm slicing knife . It has the same length as the kitchen knife but a thinner blade, which makes it lighter and more manageable and more suitable for slicing.

Bread knife of 20 cm. A classic serrated knife for cutting bread and baked goods in general.

Santoku knife of 18 cm. It is the oriental equivalent of our chef's knife. It has an even thicker blade, has no tip and has alveoli on the blade to prevent pieces of food from sticking to it.

Multi - purpose knife of 13 cm. A small all-rounder knife to use when we need a smaller blade.

Paring knife of 9 cm. An even smaller knife than the multipurpose, suitable for cleaning food and doing all precision work.


Deik Knife Block, Knife Set

The strain of DEIK knives , however, does not stop there. It also adds 6 steak knives to the basic set of chef utensils . A great addition that gives us 6 great knives to bring to the table. They have a 12 cm blade, serrated from the middle to the tip and smooth up to the handle.

Materials and finishes

The knives are of excellent workmanship. The blades are made of high carbon German stainless steel and a hardness of 58 Rockwell.

All the knives in the set have a good sharpness and have proved to be very valid in their uses. At the moment I have not been able to use them a lot, but after several uses they still cut like new. For a long-term test, however, it takes months to be able to give an opinion. In any case, the knives can always be re-sharpened to make them look like new again.

Deik Knife Block, Knife Set

DEIK s277 16pcs knife set

The wood used for the knife handles is the same as the block. The knives have good ergonomics and the wood also seems well treated to withstand a long time and not be damaged by frequent washing.

The dark finish is the only part that you may not like, because there it goes to taste. There are those who prefer natural wood, others black, but overall it is a product that does not look bad on the kitchen counter.

The bottom of the knife block has non-slip feet , so when we pick up or put back the knives it stays in place.

If you are looking for a complete and good quality knife set, the DEIK Knife Block is a great buy. You have a set with lots of knives and kitchen utensils and in addition there are also 6 excellent steak knives.

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