Aicook blender

What is a blender?

There are different types of blenders today, but the principle of operation and the structure behind them are quite similar.

You work with a sharp knife, which usually has several blades. A strong rotation causes the blades to turn and move.

Thanks to the high speed, a wide variety of ingredients can now be shredded in the blender. It is completely unimportant whether a banana or ice cubes are to be crushed.

It is much more mobile, the difference being that you have to guide the blade towards the ingredients and not the other way around. There is also a smoothie mixer, but its structure is very similar to a conventional stand blender.

 The only big difference is that a smoothie mixer usually has even more power so that the fibers of the fruits and vegetables can also be chopped up.

 Another form is the hand blender. It is comparable to a hand blender, with an attachment for mixing. Does not matter what type of mixer you choose, with the handy kitchen gadgets you can safely and rapidly varying ingredients, uncompromising grind.

What types of blender are there?

Blenders are a must in every kitchen and support you in the preparation of a wide variety of delicacies.

But even with blenders, there are many differences and various types. The rule is that a stand blender, for example, is not the right solution for everyone. Others can get a lot happier with a hand blender, for example.

Countertop Blender

The stand blender can be described as the classic among blenders. This is not surprising, because the first model from 1922 was also a stand blender. However, this had little in common with today's models. Modern manufacturers rely on style, quality, performance and easy cleaning.

The setup behind a stand blender is simple. It consists of a base station and an attachment container, which in most cases is made of plastic or glass. Depending on the manufacturer, the attachment can be removed.

 This is very beneficial so that you can pour out the food comfortably. With porridge, on the other hand, things can get a little complicated, because gravity doesn't push them down either. Usually, you have to help a little with a rubber scraper so that the pureed material comes out. Otherwise, a stand mixer is great for different foods.

You can prepare especially soups, sorbets, fruit purees, shakes, smoothies and baby food in this blender. There are also various functions. In addition to preset programs that are standard with most manufacturers, there is also the pulse function.

 In this respect, you determine when and how long the blenderworks. The practical thing is that you can clean the container quite easily. Many containers are even dishwasher safe. You can also remove the knife and clean it separately. But the security also scores.

Normally, a stand blender can only be used because the knife is properly seated and the container has been put on. Then the stand blender works powerfully and effectively.


Powerful Kitchen Blender

Peak 1800W motor and 26000rpm/min(max) smoothie blender, can pulverize ingredients faster and smoother, handle many jobs efficiently from daily food blending to powerful ice crushing, break cell walls of ingredients in seconds and keep most pulp to remain more nutrition and delicate taste.

Free Speed Control 

Pulse and 11 speeds controlling blender countertop, better handling different ingredients such as apple, spinach, carrots, nuts, beans, etc and refining culinary precision for the smoothest and tastiest shakes or smoothies, juice or frozen drinks, dips or sauces, grinding nuts or coffee, baby food, puree, etc.

High-Performance Blades

Hardened sharp 316 stainless steel blade is designed to blend the toughest or chunkiest food without getting stuck and break or crush ice to snow in seconds. It works with the angle of the container to create a constant vortex flowing to the center for all-around blending.

Large Capacity 

32oz/1000ml BPA FREE Tritan pitcher, ideal blender smoothie maker for making medium batches for family meals. The lid and measuring cup can be tightly closed, leaving no spouting trouble. And you can use the pusher to speed up the blending.

Dishwasher Safe

Pitcher and lid are dishwasher safe. After use, it just needs a drop of dish soap and warm water, and the cleanup of the pitcher or lid can be a breeze in the dishwasher or under PULSE mode. Great smoothie mixer and ice crusher for food creator.

2-Year Warranty

30-day money back. And we provide lifelong technical consultation and customer service. Just contact customer service if any issues happen.

Hand Blender

A hand blender is also often referred to as a magic wand. It is a small and practical kitchen appliance that works with a powerful electric motor. This motor sits in the handle, with a rotating knife at the end. Usually, this is protected by a small hood so that you do not reach into the knife from above.

 It is no longer necessary to put the ingredients in a container beforehand. This is particularly useful with soups or sauces. After all, no heat is lost and at the same time, you don't have to laboriously scrape it out of the container.

 A cordless wand is a special form of a hand blender. It doesn't have that much power, but you are flexible and free. Such a hand blender can shine, especially when you are out and about, at a barbecue evening, or the like. However, it also has some disadvantages.

Hard ingredients in particular can take a lot of strength because the blades alone are not enough. Usually, you still have to help with pressure from above. The result is also not so even. You can certainly puree all areas as well as possible, but small chunks are quickly left behind. This is annoying with a velvety soup or sauce.

Otherwise, a hand blender can be used for baby food, dips or soups. Some models can even crush ice. It is practical if you choose a hand blender that has different attachments. In this respect, you can cut, grate, knead or chop with it.

A blender can be used for many different dishes. There are even cookbooks that deal solely with preparation in a blender . But one of the most popular dishes is a smoothie. The smoothie was created primarily through health awareness and the growing desire for more enjoyment, health and a long life.