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Large Air Fryer, 5.5L, 6 Program Hot Air Fryer Oven with Recipes, Oil Free, Easy to Clean, Timer and Temperature Adjustable Control for Low-Fat Healthy Cooking [Energy Class A+++]

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  • 【90% less oil】 hot air fryer adopts a vortex hot air system, which has strong penetrating power and can evenly bake food 360°. The high output power of 1700W enables the hot air fryer to heat up quickly without adding fat. Not only can she prepare classic French fries, but she can also cook all vegetables, fish and meat, and even bake muffins and rolls.
  • 【Smart temperature setting】 Easy to cook grilled chicken, grilled fish, grilled shrimp, grilled bacon, grilled steak, and grilled cake. In addition, you can set the temperature from 180 ℉ to 400 ℉) and time (1-60 minutes) through the multifunctional touch LED display. easy and convenient.


  • 【Easy to clean】 Non-stick-coated square basket. Wait for the fryer to cool down and immerse the removable inner and outer pots in water, or wipe them with a clean cloth. Movable parts are used in dishwashers. There is a cleaning card on the package. You can clean the air fryer following the instructions on the card.


  • 【Household usage】 The large air fryer can adapt to more food. 5.8QT can meet the needs of a family of 5-6 people. Enjoy your meal with your family. The LED display is equipped with an ergonomic angle of inclination with which you can prepare food without bending it.


  • 【Safety & Service】 BPA-free, food-safe and heat-resistant materials without having to worry about harmful chemicals. Enjoy fun and healthy cooking. If you have any questions about the product, please feel free to contact us. We offer you 24/7 customer service and constant technical advice.

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About This Item:

59-Point Planetary Mixing Action:
59 touch points per rotation around the bowl for thorough ingredient incorporation. The beater, dough hook, or wire whip moves 360° in the bowl, giving comprehensive mixing.

🍪3 Professional Accessories:
Flat Beater is perfect for quickly and thoroughly mashing potatoes, mixing cake batter and cookie dough and so much more. Dough Hook mixes and kneads yeast dough with ease, saving you both the time and effort of hand kneading. Wire Whip quickly incorporates air into ingredients for fluffy whipped cream, perfect boiled frostings, and cakes with whipped egg whites.

🍞6+P Speeds Control:
Professionally equipped with 500W and 6 adjustable speed and ’’P’’ as pulse function, ranges from a very fast whip to a very slow stir, you can find the right speed for flour, egg, cream or salad according to your needs, and mix it evenly.

🎂5.5QT & Stainless Steel Bowl:
5.5QT stainless steel bowl can easily accommodate a family of 5-7 people; a maximum of edible: 1 kg dough, 1.5 liters of butter, or 12 eggs; food-grade stainless steel removable bowl can meet your daily pastry needs.

🍩Safety & Easy Clean:
The transparent cover on the mixing bowl allows the stand mixer to add ingredients without getting dirty, keep your kitchen machines clean. All parts are detachable and can be cleaned safely. dishwasher-safe: dough hook, wire whip & beater, stainless steel bowl. No-dishwasher-safe: transparent cover.

🥐Quality Assurance:
The product has passed ETL and FDA certification, BPA-free. Kealive stand mixer has lifetime technical support, 24/7 customer service.

Kealive Stand Mixer, Electric Food Mixer 5.5QT, 6+P-Speed, Tilt-Head Food Mixer Hot Sale Kealive Recommend

Kealive Stand Mixer decorate your sweet life


Kealive Stand Mixer with 5.5 Quart Stainless Steel Bowl is designed for baking enthusiast to enjoy the process of baking. From kneading dough to whipping cream, this machine could do beyond your imagination.

  • Speed Mode: 6+P Speed 6+P Speed
  • Capacity; 5.5QT
  • Wattage: 500W
  • Attachment: Whisk, Dough Hook, Flat   Beater, Pouring Splash Guard, Dusty Cover, Silicone Spatula
Kealive Stand Mixer, Electric Food Mixer 5.5QT, 6+P-Speed, Tilt-Head Food Mixer Hot Sale Kealive Recommend
Kealive Stand Mixer, Electric Food Mixer 5.5QT, 6+P-Speed, Tilt-Head Food Mixer Hot Sale Kealive Recommend

Upgraded Accessories, Easy to install

Upgraded die-cast mixer and dough hook, lighter but stronger. The intimate buckle design makes it easier to disassemble and install.

Kealive Stand Mixer, Electric Food Mixer 5.5QT, 6+P-Speed, Tilt-Head Food Mixer Hot Sale Kealive Recommend

Splash Guard with large inlet

Kealive Stand Mixer comes with pouring shield to maximize the convenience of the food preparation process. It allows you to add extra ingredients during the process.

tilt head design

Tilt Head Design

The tilt-head design mixer allows access to install or uninstall bowl and accessories easily.
In case of safety, the tilt-head could not be released while the machine is on.

stand mixer accessories

Dough Hook
Kneading, 1-2 Speed, ideal for mix and knead dough, butter and candies. Suitable for steam bun dough, bread dough, heavy batters.

Wire Whip
5-6 Speed, ideal for whipping cream, egg whites.
 4-5 Speed, ideal for stirring semi-heavy batter and combine sugar, egg white and meringue together. Suitable for cookie, chiffon cake batter.

Flat Beater
Mixing, 1-3 Speed, ideal for slow mixing, mashing. Suitable for mash potato, mixing salad.

Kealive Stand Mixer, Electric Food Mixer 5.5QT, 6+P-Speed, Tilt-Head Food Mixer Hot Sale Kealive Recommend