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Retro Toaster, 4 Extra-Wide Slots, Removal Crumb Tray

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About This Item

4 Extra Wide Toasting Slots - With the 4 wide slots (1.5 inch), you can add all types of toasted treats, such as bagels, thick breads, and Frozen Pancakes. Perfect for whatever you're toasting.

6 Toast Shade Settings - 6 browning controls with LCD display makes this toaster demand all your daily toasting needs. With the LCD display (Countdown Function), the 4-slice toaster makes more convenient & friendly to use.

Dual Independent Control Panels – Save your time on every busy morning. With the independent control panels, you can fulfill different tastes at the same time, no need to wait for a second time.

4 Functions for Different Demands – Retro & fashion stainless steel design and 4 functions (Cancel/Bagel/Defrost/Reheat) make this toaster a great addition to the kitchen.

Convenient Design – Removable crumb tray, non-slip feet and extra lift make the toaster easy to use and clean. We provide 30-day money back service and 2-year support. Contact the seller whenever helps needed.

aicook, aicok, toaster, 4 slice toaster

Product Features

Extra Wide Toaster Slots

aicook, aicok, toaster, 4 slice toaster, extra wide toaster

1.5 inch wide slots accommodate various types of breads, pastries, waffles and bagels.

Independent Unit

aicook, aicok, toaster, 4 slice toaster, independent unit

Save your time. Individually operated design means you can get different shades of bread in one time.

Removal Crumb Tray

aicook, aicok, toaster, 4 slice toaster

Simply remove the crumb catcher tray gently to clean up this toaster.

LCD Display

aicook, aicok, toaster, 4 slice toaster, lcd display

LCD countdown display,greater practicality than other toasters.

How to Operate

Step 1

aicook, aicok, toaster, 4 slice toaster

Add your favorite bread

Step 2

aicook, aicok, toaster, 4 slice toaster

Select your favorite baking color, 3 or 4 speeds are recommended

Step 3

aicook, aicok, toaster, 4 slice toaster

Press down the high lift lever and start working

Step 4

aicook, aicok, toaster, 4 slice toaster

Wait! Then enjoy the delicious bread!

aicook, aicok, toaster, 4 slice toaster