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Anyone who loves desserts knows how versatile a waffle iron can be. A waffle iron is a device that is used in private kitchens as well as in gastronomy and with which you can make wonderful waffles and similar pastries "on your own". Equally popular are waffle irons, with which you can even make the popular New Year's croissants, which - similar to an ice cream cone - are crispy inconsistency and at the same time peppered with grains of anise, etc.

 It doesn't matter whether it's waffles, croissants, or other delicacies: there are now numerous names for this kitchen appliance, with croissant irons, cake irons, or clamping irons being the most well-known. As a rule, the waffle iron can be opened and folded, so that the user puts the batter on the lower side - this is made of iron, just like the upper side - and then the upper side is placed over it. After the waffle iron has been folded up, both sides of the batter mixture are heated and exposed to a mostly consistently high temperature until both the top and bottom are of pleasantly firm consistency and a golden brown color.

How a waffle iron works are very simple. A waffle iron has a top and bottom, both of which are made of iron. Behind the two iron discs - these can be round, square, or polygonal - there is a cable system that is supplied with energy via the power source. In this way, the two plates heat up immediately after the power supply, with the heat being distributed very evenly in each case. In this context, the corrugated structure of the iron plates plays an important role. Because there are round or square indentations over the entire surface of the two iron plates, the heat can penetrate into these areas.

In the course of the heating process, the usually viscous dough also gets into these depressions and experiences a change in the dough structure due to the high temperature. The dough is thus baked, the protein contained in it changes and thus becomes firmer, easier to grip, and comes from the liquid to the solid aggregate state.

 In general, the way a waffle iron works is quite simple, and people used this “technology” as early as the Middle Ages. However, this technique has developed almost constantly over the centuries, so that with a waffle iron it is no longer "only" possible to make waffles from a pre-made dough, but the so-called waffling is now also enjoying steadily increasing popularity.

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The more functional a waffle iron is - no matter what kind - the more attractive it becomes in terms of usability. At first glance, particularly inexpensive devices are certainly particularly interesting. However, the performance of these devices often leaves a lot to be desired. And when it comes to functionality, you often have to make compromises. Ideally, the modern waffle iron is characterized by the following functions:

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Indicate Light

Many waffle irons have signal lights in three colors. The first lamp indicates that the heating phase is still in progress, the second lamp lighting up indicates that the baking temperature has now been reached. As soon as the third lamp starts to glow, you know that the waffle is now ready and can be removed. This makes it easier and you don't have to regularly check how far the baking progress has progressed.

Non-stick Coating

To prevent the dough from sticking to the iron plates, it helps to coat them with a little fat. Modern waffle irons have long been equipped with a non-stick coating, which, however, can vary in robustness depending on the product. The higher the quality, the higher its durability. Sometimes this even makes it unnecessary to spread them with calorie-rich fat.

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Temperature Control

How does the temperature control of the waffle iron work in comparison?With conventional waffle irons, the temperature is always the same when baking waffles or other delicacies. Depending on the wattage of the device, this does not always reach the right temperature, so the experience has shown that the waffles remain soft with waffle irons with low wattage. However, if a waffle iron has temperature control, the heat can be set higher and the baking process shortened.

Double Baking

With normal waffle irons, you can make one waffle with each baking process, whereas with waffle irons with two baking surfaces it is possible to produce two pieces at once. This saves you time and you can enjoy it earlier.

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Removable Iron Plates

Ideally, modern waffle irons have removable waffle irons. This is fundamental, especially with regard to the care and cleaning of such a device. While classic waffle irons are usually difficult to remove with a cloth from dough residues and fat, which also settle in the recesses and on the edges, removable iron plates can be easily removed and cleaned in the dishwasher if necessary. This saves time and certainly also nerves.

Different Uses

Looking at their design, you can not only bake waffles with a waffle maker, but modern devices with additional features are even able to produce muffins, donuts or New Year's croissants, etc. The fact that so-called waffling is also becoming increasingly popular in this country also contributes to the fact that the functional waffle irons in particular are particularly popular.

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